While Ash is free from the bars of a prison cell, Colby makes it clear to Robbo that every move he makes is being watched and he needs to keep a low profile. Meanwhile, the Morgan brothers want to know why she’s so determined to help Robbo. Tori tries to explain that she’s trying to do the right thin, but it’s clear that her brothers don’t agree.

As Tori commits more and more to helping Robbo work through his mental health issues, Ash is left livid. So Ash comes up with a plan to put Robbo back in prison, where he feels he belongs. Will Ash’s plan work?

Willow wants to enjoy some quality time with Justin, so she plans to take him on a drive in her dad’s triumph car and have a picnic somewhere away from Summer Bay. Justin is pleasantly surprised by the romantic gesture, but has to deal an issue at the garage – Dean. Dean is rude to both Ziggy and Justin, so Justin takes the opportunity to fire him. Furious about being sacked, Dean plots revenge.

Also, Ziggy feels uneasy about living Maggie at home alone. So when she goes out, Ziggy starts to feel concerned when she can’t get in touch with her mum, does she have reason to worry?