Tori has a difficult decision to make

Can Tori separate her personal and professional life?

Tori is left shocked after her meeting with Doctor Chung, as he tells her she needs to fire Nate because of budget cuts to her department. As she heads off to Phoebe’s engagement bash, it’s clear she’s not in the mood to party. Will she tell Nate that he’s being sacked?

Also at Phoebe and Justin’s engagement party, Brody is high off his latest drug intake, but tells everyone he’s just had too much to drink. After bouncing off the walls because of his latest cocaine fix, Brody makes a fool of himself by hitting on Phoebe’s friend, Donna. After rejecting Brody’s advances, Donna is left in awe of Phoebe, who dedicates a song to Justin. She pulls Phoebe to one side and tries convince her to pursue her singing aspirations. Will Phoebe listen?

Finally, will John go ahead and accept the court’s plea bargain of two years’ imprisonment for his arson attacks? Or can Marilyn and Morag convince him to plead not guilty and fight for his freedom?