Tori feels guilty over her feelings for Ash

Will Tori come clean to Kat?

Flustered after nearly kissing Ash, Tori rushes out of his apartment and bumps straight into Leah. Leah sees Tori’s bleeding finger and offers to put a plaster on it. As Leah patches Tori’s finger up, Tori explains that her and Ash nearly had a moment. Later, Tori feels guilty when Kat turns to her for relationship advice. Will Tori come clean to her friend?

Later, Ash asks Justin to get Tori to give him a call. Justin’s immediately suspicious and asks what’s going on between them, but Ash maintains they’re just friends. Meanwhile, Kat returns to the flat to pick up her belongings and bumps straight into Ash. It’s clear they miss each other – but are they right for one another? After talking to Kat, Ash asks Tori to come to the flat for a chat. Will Ash tell Tori he has feelings for her?

Now that the water tank is fixed, the Astonis are ready to leave Summer Bay. Maggie, however, is having a hard time leaving the golden beaches and returning to the city. Then an unfortunate incident brings Maggie and Roo together, where Maggie finds out that Summer Bay is looking for a new principle, a role she could fill with ease…

Alf finds out that the owner of pier is deciding to put the place up for sale. Alf starts to worry as the pier includes the Diner, Bait Shop and Ash’s apartment. Alf tells Leah the bad news and the pair decides to rope in Irene to join them and buy the pier – but does someone else have their eye on the property?