Tori is shocked to hear that Ash has demanded 50/50 custody for his unborn baby, without consulting her first. She tells Justin she’s finding the situation incredibly hard. Later, Justin tells Ash to get his priorities right and start thinking about Tori and her needs. Will Ash have to start putting Tori first?

Meanwhile, Mick has decided to accept a mining job outside Summer Bay. Irene’s worried about her son’s mental health and considers going with Mick to make sure he settles into his new life smoothly.

Robbo is taken down to the police station and asked multiple questions about Novak. As Robbo talks to the police, it’s clear that there are holes in his statement. He’s forced to admit that he went to the wrecker’s yard to look for Novak. Will the police start to suspect Robbo of murder?

After hearing that Robbo lied to the police and her about his statement, Kat is furious with Robbo. She turns to Ash for comfort and he assures her that Robbo is just trying to protect her. Later, the police tell Kat that they have pinpointed Novak’s mobile phone and can locate his whereabouts. When Robbo finds out the news, he goes to dangerous lengths to protect his freedom…