Will Tori follow her heart?

Will Nate and Tori sort out their relationship woes?

Tori is stunned by Nate’s confession that he loves her and runs off. She eventually ends up back at home, where she confides in Phoebe. Meanwhile, Nate bumps into Justin and reveals what he said to Tori. Justin explains that Tori probably feels the same way – she’s just scared from their parents’ bad marriage – and encourages Nate to be patient.

After talking to Phoebe, Tori realises that she does love Nate. She tracks him down and, just as she begins to pour out her heart, Nate tells Tori that he didn’t mean that he loves her. Tori’s stunned and leaves upset. Will these two ever make it work?

Meanwhile, Justin and Phoebe’s relationship couldn’t be any better, so Justin asks Phoebe an important question…