Tori reveals to Mason that Brody is a drug addict. Mason is stunned and Tori reveals the last drug test Brody took at the hospital only tested his blood stream for cocaine. When they arrive home, Justin explains he has kicked Brody out of the house for good. Will Justin’s actions cause further division among the Morgan family?

With nowhere to go, Brody spends the night sleeping on the beach. The next morning, he is woken up by Scarlett who offers to buy him some breakfast. Afterwards, Scarlett takes Brody back to her house and he instantly falls sleep on the couch. While he’s asleep, Scarlett contacts the Morgans. Can she reunite the family?

Hunter is upset when Zac gives him the cold shoulder. Olivia reassures him that things will work out. Hunter decides to move on and begins with throwing the DNA test results in the bin without looking at them. However, when John spots the DNA letter he reminds Hunter that Charlotte has lied about many things so what would stop her lying about Zac being his father? Will Hunter open the DNA results?