Tori Morgan realises Spike attacked Nate

It seems Tori Morgan and her brothers can't escape their past

Both Tori and Nate are stunned to learn that the results of his collapse show he has ketamine in his system. When Tori watches security footage that shows Spike drugging Nate she rushes home to tell her brothers, but finds Spike waiting for her…

Spike makes it clear he’s not leaving without a “book” leaving Justin and Tori confused. However, Tori takes her chance and sprays Spike with mace and Justin punches him. But when the pair turn their back for a second, he’s gone. Spike makes his way to the beach and is comforted by Lara, who’s been working with him the entire time.

Meanwhile, the opening of Salt is getting off to a great start, until Tori and Justin arrive and tell Brody and Mason to pack their bags, they’re going on the run!

Ash is left stunned when he finds a note and envelope full of money from Andy in the garage. Ash realises the money is from Andy’s big scam, so he asks Justin exactly when he saw Simmo hand Andy some cash…