Tori and the Morgans flee Summer Bay

Tori and the Morgans decide their only option is to move into a temporary hideout

As the Morgan’s prepare to go on the run again, they dump their mobile phones, but Mason sneaks his into his pocket. The family settle into their temporary hideout and Justin and Tori desperately try to think what book Spike needs so they can live a normal life…

John and Marilyn prepare the house for their latest foster child, Jordan. John has decided to take a more lenient approach to parenting technique this time. However, Marilyn warns John that could be a mistake. Meanwhile, Hunter heads to his next community shift and when he sees Jordan with Marilyn and John a new friendship starts to build.

Roo and Alf come to blows over Alf’s decision to cut Duncan out of his will. Alf explains they haven’t spoke in a very long time, so Roo decides it time to reunite the pair.

Chris comes up with a plan to re-invent the menus at the Diner to keep up with Salt, but both Irene and Leah are not interested in his latest scheme.