Can Tori save Nate’s job?

Or will Nate be found guilty of neglect over Billie's death?

Tori’s left perplexed when she’s pulled into a special board meeting relating to Billie’s death. Tori’s then left shocked to find out Nate’s being investigated for neglect regarding Billie’s death. Knowing that Nate’s job is on the line, Tori quickly begins to look through reports to see if she can prove Nate’s a competent doctor. Can Tori save Nate’s job?

Meanwhile, Phoebe’s distraught when she finds out that her landloard is kicking her and Kat out of the farmhouse in order to sell up. After telling the Justin the news, he makes Phoebe a romantic offer – but will she accept?

Also, Marilyn and Alf visit John and are left floored when John says he won’t be having the life-saving surgery for his brain tumour. Can Marilyn change his mind?