Tori has a tough choice to make

Robbo puts Tori in a difficult position

Tori is frightened after being kidnapped by an on-edge Robbo. As he drives out of town, he tells Tori that he’s not the man he once was and that he loves Kat. As Robbo says he fears going to prison for the crimes he committed including the murder of Dennis Novak, Tori starts to feel sorry for him.

As they drive, Robbo agrees to let Tori go, but gives her a piece of paper with an address on it and asks her to give it to Kat. As Tori gets out of the car, she needs to decide whether to give the address to Kat or the police…

Also, Willow has some debts to pay off, so she returns to her old ways and agrees to work for a woman to help prove if her husband is cheating on her. Willow gets distracted, however, when she finds out that Tori has been kidnapped.

Willow manages to focus and, at the gym, she sees the unfaithful husband in question and begins flirting with him. At that moment, Justin walks in and punches the guy out of jealousy!