Tori’s feelings for Ash continue to grow

Tori plays happy families with Ash and Luc

Tori suggests that Ash takes a night off from his parenting duties and spends some time with his friends. Ash says he has a better idea and asks Tori round for dinner. Tori takes Ash up on the offer and they spend the afternoon eating leftovers and drinking wine. Will an afternoon together finally give Tori the courage to act on her feelings?

After fleeing Anderson and his thugs, Justin comes up with a plan to help Scarlett make a clean getaway and have the option to return to Summer Bay. Scarlett accepts Justin’s master plan, but will it really get her out of danger?

Afterwards, Scarlett asks why Justin is so keen to help and he explains that it’s simply because he cares. Scarlett breaks down and explains that the message from the little boy on her phone is her son that died. Justin comforts her and the pair have an emotional goodbye…

Also, Hunter tries to apologise to Olivia, but she’s not interested. She explains that his actions have left her questioning how committed he is to their relationship. Hunter is left devastated and turns to VJ for advice. VJ speaks to Olivia and points out that Marilyn has forgiven Hunter and she should too. Can Olivia get past their latest problem?

And Hunter’s grandma returns to Summer Bay – but will she and Hunter be able to put the past behind them?