Tosh confronts Tina about her betrayal

Tosh is still reeling after learning of Tina and Sonia’s kiss, heading to the cafe to confront Sonia. As Sonia tries to justify what happened, Tina walks in. Tosh makes a quick exit, leaving Sonia to explain that Tosh knows they kissed each other. Chasing after Tosh, Tina is upset when Tosh is furious with her. When Tosh accidentally pushes Tina too hard, Tina hits her face on the doorframe, leaving them both shocked.

Abi is worried when she discovers that Lauren and Peter have decided to investigate Lucy’s murder by trying to find the cab driver who brought Jake and Lucy home. Cora is shocked when Abi tells her, confronting Peter about the danger he and Lauren could be in. When Peter suggests to Lauren they drop the search, she heads off on her own, returning later to find the Brannings arguing. Back at Cora’s flat, Max reveals that he saw Jake and Lucy the night she was murdered.

Phil is getting increasingly frustrated with Sharon, who is preoccupied with The Albert. Meanwhile, Aleks realises he needs to make amends after making a snide comment to Roxy about their relationship and buys her a necklace. Roxy is touched by the gift and they decide to make their relationship official.