Tosh hits Tina!

Tina tells an unhappy Shirley and Aunt Babe that she and Tosh are moving to Croydon. Aunt Babe promises Shirley she’ll sort things out, stirring with Tosh by hinting Tina might be sleeping with someone. Meanwhile, Tina has innocently visited Sonia to comfort her over the charity calendar debacle. When Tosh sees them hugging goodbye, she assumes the worst. After Tina returns home, Tosh furiously accuses her of having an affair with Sonia and lashes out. Aunt Babe bangs on the door when she hears screams, comforting a bruised and bleeding Tina.

Peter, Bobby and Cindy go to Lucy’s grave on Peter and Lucy’s 21st birthday. Cindy arranges a party for Peter at the Vic but Ian refuses to go. Struggling to celebrate his birthday without his twin, Peter heads back to Masood’s, where he’s staying. When Masood catches him with drugs, Peter storms round to the Beales’, banging on the window to get Ian to answer. When Ian ignores him, Peter smashes the window.

Meanwhile, Mick tries to talk to Linda about her decision over the pregnancy. After Johnny falls off his new bike, Linda hugs him tightly, making Mick feel even sadder about the baby.