Tosh is not expecting either of her parents to turn up for lunch, as she hasn’t talked to them for years. When Tosh’s mum Judy arrives – although she’s without her dad – Tosh is thrilled. After a good start, things go downhill when Tina reveals they’re trying for a baby and Judy pretends not to hear. Hurt that her mum won’t accept her sexuality, Tosh snaps, throwing the meal at the kitchen door as Judy hurriedly leaves.

Pam is distracted on the day of the charity calendar shoot, despite the fact the Square is buzzing. When Pam heads out to help, Les is confronted by Dot, who reveals she knows all about the fake funeral. Insisting Les pay back the money that Charlie gave him, Dot then introduces Les to the ‘dead man’ Nick. In the Vic, a stressed Les yells at Emma when Pam reveals Emma has been asking questions about Lucy’s murder. Pam is furious with Les for lashing out, saying that people might find out what she did…

Linda is terrified when Mick reveals he’s signed them up to be part of the charity calendar. An apologetic Mick says he thought it would be a laugh but he’s happy to do the shoot on his own. When Linda realises Mick is uncomfortable being in the buff on his lonesome, she plucks up the courage to join him and it’s more fun than she thought.