David and Tina struggle to come to terms with the fact that their parents are an item, but Joe tells David that he needs to grow up a bit. David tells Gail that he’s OK about them seeing each other as long as they don’t kiss in front of him! David’s loyalties to Joe become clear when the Windass family refuse to pay for the kitchen he has fitted and an indignant David arms himself with a piece of wood to turn debt collector.

Ken worries that Peter will gamble away Simon’s inheritance, but Peter wants to make a go of the business so he and his son have a future. When Ken refuses to see reason Peter decides to pack his bags and take his son with him to the bookies’ flat.

Amber is stunned when she finds Tara emerging from Dev’s bedroom and she quizzes her dad about what’s going on. Dev tells Amber that he and Tara want to make a go of things. Dev decides to visit Prem to try to get his blessing – and ask him not to tell Tara about his affair with Nina.

Also, Sally and Tony are concerned when a journalist comes to the factory looking for Rosie.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Joe is horrified when he finds out that David threatened the Windasses to get his money from them. David brags to Graeme about what he’s done, but he is taken aback when Graeme is shocked. Graeme points out that David has just confronted one of the hardest families in Weatherfield. David is stunned to discover their reputation and wonders what he’s done.

Dev pleads with Prem to give his blessing to his relationship with Tara and he promises him that he is in love with Tara and will take care of her. Prem reluctantly agrees not to stand in their way, but only for the sake of his daughter. Dev is delighted that he can finally make plans for the future with Tara and when he finds out that Jerry is set on selling the kebab shop he spies an opportunity to expand his business empire.

Peter proudly shows Simon round the bookies and invites Leanne to have tea with them. Leanne accepts the invite, but later she draws the line at playing mum when Peter suggests that she put Simon to bed for him.

Also, Tony is delighted when Leanne tells him she has sold one of the flats and he tells the girls that they will finally get paid.