Tough times for Kelly

John tells Liam that Dean has a bull’s head tattoo and he drives the same car that ran Bianca over. Liam tells Kelly that her brother raped Bianca, before setting off angrily in search of Dean. Liam chases Dean on his motorbike and they fight. Dean is taken to the police station.

April confronts Kelly about all the allegations and Kelly defends her brother, but when she hears Bianca was drugged with a horse tranquiliser, she knows Dean had access to this drug on the farm. She senses her brother’s guilt and makes a statement against him.

Bianca has been admitted to hospital following her hit-and-run. Irene and Sid persuade her to consider having counselling. When Liam returns to the hospital with the news Dean has been arrested, Bianca is relieved.

Marilyn and Roo have been forced to prepare a dinner party together for Alf. Although neither of them is keen on the idea, they don’t really have a choice. After a tense afternoon, they start to wonder when their guests are going to arrive, and realise that it was all a ruse to make them get along. And it worked!

Also, Romeo is horrified to find his business destroyed. The boat is trashed and silverware is stolen.