Tough times for Thabo

Thabo and VJ are getting on great, and Leah is doing her best to get on with Grace. Thabo’s still waiting for his operation and while VJ and Thabo play computer games in hospital, VJ tells him that Leah and Elijah were once engaged. Thabo is horrified and accuses Elijah of still loving Leah and making a fool of Grace. As Elijah reassures Grace, Thabo takes a turn for the worse.

Romeo is distraught after Ruby’s revelation. He mopes to Nicole but she reminds him he’s the one at fault and he has to face the consequences of what he’s done. Romeo goes to Indi’s to try and talk to her but Sid won’t let him near her.

Nicole tries to help Indi through the shock of what Romeo has done. As the two girls talk, Nicole gets a call from a friend from Uni, Angus, who wants to take her out. After trying to fob him off, Nicole eventually decides that she can’t put her life on hold while she has the baby and she decides to go on her date.

Bianca and Liam try to give Romeo advice, but end up getting into an argument. Liam reassures her that it’s OK for them to disagree on some things.

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