Townsend loses his rag again

Townsend has decided to press charges against Casey, who’s now facing a prison sentence, so Sasha tries to plead his case. But the teacher loses his temper again, an incident witnessed by Gina and John and, after talking to Sasha, Gina decides to look into Townsend’s past, discovering that he’s had complaints made against him before. She confronts Townsend and convinces him to drop the charges and move to another school. Casey will have to go through counselling but he’s no longer facing jail time.

Colleen is still upset that her friends haven’t organised a farewell party and sounds off about everyone to Roo and Marilyn, unaware everyone’s hiding waiting to give her a surprise party. When they all appear, she is so overcome she starts to think she shouldn’t be leaving Summer Bay at all and it’s up to Roo to convince her that joining her family in Las Vegas is the right thing to do.

And when Gina finds Jett at the beach she asks why he hasn’t been at school. He’s short with her but explains his mother has been ill before rushing off. When he’s out of sight, he pulls out a stolen purse and takes the cash.