This first sequel brings back cowboy Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) and spaceman Buzz (Tim Allen) – and it’s a joy from start to finish.

The insightful and inspired plot kicks off when owner Andy leaves Woody on his bedroom shelf with a damaged arm, but Woody accidentally ends up being sold to a greedy toy collector who is eager to ship him abroad.

While Woody gets to know his fellow collectible Wild West pals Stinky Pete (Kelsey Grammer), cowgirl Jessie (Joan Cusack) and Bullseye the horse, Buzz (Tim Allen) and pals ride to the rescue.

Pixar’s dazzling computer animation and the zippy pace will keep children entranced, while adults will be amused by the sophisticated humour and numerous clever in-jokes.

There are some outstanding sequences, notably when Buzz and pals cross a busy road to break into a toy store, and the climax, set at an airport, is superb.

A perfect film for anyone who’s ever had a favourite toy.