Toyah has an ulterior motive when she asks Eva to keep the baby…

Eva doesn’t know how to react when Toyah uses her powers of persuasion to make her keep the baby

Eva is stunned as Toyah tries to convince her not to give up the baby. Will she be able to change her mind?

Kate is shocked when Sophie suggests they go on a date and says Rana thought it was a good idea. After mulling it over Kate agrees.

As Faye gets increasingly upset Gary tells her that Seb has been in touch and is ok. Tim suggests to Faye that they go away for a while.

Shona tells David she is jealous of his relationship with Maria and decides that if Maria is taking part in the boxing match so will she. She is angry when David says he will too despite his epilepsy. Nicola persuades Phelan to give Gary a job at the Mill so he can support his child. Roy asks Carla again to speak to her family about her illness before it is too late.

[Second episode tonight]