Tracy admits the terrible truth

As Carla takes a step towards the edge of the quarry, Tracy yells at her to stop, finally confessing that she was responsible for the fire. Carla reels as Tracy reveals how she stole Michelle’s keys and let herself into Carla’s flat intent on hurting her but bottled out, forgetting she’d lit a candle.

Tracy explains how she hated her for taking Rob away and then her share of the Rovers and wanted revenge. Emotions running high Carla and Tracy fight on the edge of the quarry.

With Leanne about to report Simon missing to the police, he nervously descends the stairs and is mortified to realise Leanne’s told Zeedan about his recent behaviour. Later, Leanne’s touched when Zeedan arrives with a sleeping bag, explaining to Simon that he’s staying until he’s sure he can be trusted.

At Sally’s suggestion, Gail invites Tony round to No 8 to give them a quote for converting the garage into a granny-flat for her.

Anna and Tim look at photos of Miley, excited at the thought of her homecoming.