With Tracy Barlow adamant she wants Billy out of the flat, Shona and Adam vow to try and help Summer and Billy. Shona asks Adam find a way to try and persuade Tracy to change her mind and she offers to move in with Billy and Summer to act as guarantor.

Zeedan is cleaning an empty Speed Daal for the opening day. Meanwhile, Zeedan thanks Rana for talking to Imran and gives her a hug which doesn’t go unnoticed by a disquieted Kate who vents to Carla and Aidan about Imran investing in the business. Spotting a text on Rana’s phone from Zeedan, Kate has a go at Rana and dismisses her plan to try and contact her family.

Aidan says he is going to get rid of Summer’s notebook to avoid any embarrassment. Audrey, Gail and Bethany confront David about Emma and his recent behaviour.

Second episode of the evening.