Deirdre‘s worried about her ability to make a speech at Blanche’s funeral, but she should be more worried about Tracy, who arrives handcuffed to a guard. Tracy’s immediately jealous when she sees Amy with Becky.

Deirdre makes a touching, emotional speech, but the fireworks start outside after Steve tells Becky he wants to change Amy’s surname and Becky to become her legal guardian. Trouble is, Amy then relays this to Tracy, who demands Steve tell her what’s going on!

The social worker arrives at the Windasses, but there’s tension because Anna’s still angry with Eddie for grassing up Gary. And Sophie’s delighted when Sian arrives back in Weatherfield.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve tries to placate Tracy, but there’s a terrible scene when Becky leads upset Amy away and the guard manhandles Tracy back into the van. Deirdre’s in a terrible state at the graveyard and tells Ken the sight of Tracy being dragged away made the day worse.

Deirdre rings Tracy at the prison and is alarmed when she asks her to set up a meeting with her solicitor. Menacingly, Tracy tells a guard that she won’t let her daughter grow up without her.

Steve tries to reassure a worried Becky that Tracy won’t affect their adoption chances.

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Meanwhile, the social worker tells Eddie and Anna they’d make great parents for an older child; Norris is horrified when Mary shows up at the funeral; Peter tells Leanne he wants to marry her as soon as possible.