Tracy declares her feelings to Robert

Tracy tells Robert that she’s done some terrible things, but he puts her fragile state down to Deirdre’s death. When Tracy then catches a customer flirting with Robert she storms out again, but Ken advises her to grab love when she can. On a mission, Tracy marches into the Bistro and Robert is stunned when she tells him she wants to be with him.

When Zeedan questions Leanne about the bruise on her leg, she lies to protect her son. When Simon returns home, he apologises to Leanne and tells her sometimes he can’t control his anger. Leanne tries to hide her concern as she gives Simon a hug.

Suspicious Sophie demands to know what’s wrong with Sally, but explains she’s just stressed out with the wedding. But when Sally gives Mary short shrift over her hen do ideas, Sophie continues to probe her mum.

Andrea feels guilty when, after telling Jess she’s transferred the money, Lloyd offers to sell some of his records. Elsewhere Luke is suspicious of Maria when she tells him she’s popping into town.