A furious Tracy complains to Rob that Norris has refused to serve her until their paper bill has been paid. Rob mischievously pays the bill in one-penny pieces, infuriating Norris. Meanwhile, Tina returns from London to clear out her flat and Norris overhears her telling Carla that her kiss with Rob was behind her sudden departure. When Tracy later insults Norris, he lets slip about Rob’s misdemeanours.

Sophie meets Maddie on the Red Rec and broaches the subject of their kiss. But when Sally turns up in pursuit of Sophie, Maddie runs off leaving Sophie frustrated. Sophie and Sally tail Maddie to a flat, but their surprise visit leaves the duo feeling vulnerable.

Under pressure from Eileen and Todd, Lloyd confesses to having a crush on Steve’s friend Andrea. But when Lloyd asks Steve for Andrea’s number, he refuses to divulge it and Michelle demands to know why…

Also, Dev and Kal view a unit on Victoria Street for their new gym, but find working together intolerable.