Tracy gets a visit from the police

*One-hour Episode*

Becky‘s touched when the Croppers insist she comes back from hospital with them and Sylvia prepares a welcome home lunch. After a run-in with Steve, Kylie, Roy and Hayley assure Becky they believe she’s innocent and encourage her to prove everyone wrong. Taking this on board a purposeful Becky strides into the police station to make her next move. Meanwhile, Deirdre tells Tracy that she can’t lie for her any more and a row breaks out just as Steve walks in.

When Karl suggests it’s time Eva started paying some rent Nick suggests she get a flat with a friend. But Eva excitedly thinks Nick wants them to move in together and jumping the gun she puts a deposit on a flat for them.

When Katy has a girls’ night out with Anna, Izzy and Fiz, Chesney and Kirk soon learn that babies can be quite demanding.

Also, when Sian hears that her dad’s refusing to attend her wedding it hits home to Sophie just how much Sian’s sacrificing. Offering to call off the wedding we sense it’s as much to do with Sophie’s own doubts; Sylvia continues to bang on about Milton, who’s taught her to play ukulele, and challenges Norris to a musical duel.

As Tracy talks her way out of trouble with Steve, Becky asks the police to investigate a serious assault, revealing how Tracy has wrongly accused her of causing her miscarriage. Tracy’s shocked when the police arrive at the Rovers and question her. Refusing to discuss it she flees, and Becky urges Steve to wake up and see what a lying bitch Tracy really is. Back at the Barlows Tracy tells Deirdre it’s now imperative that they keep up the lie, otherwise she could soon be back in prison.

It’s Sophie and Sian’s hen night and after a game of Mrs and Mrs, Sally makes a touching speech. But Amber takes Sophie to one side and tells her she’s making a mistake by marrying Sian and leans in for a kiss. Witnessing the tail end of Amber’s trick, Sunita lays into her before deciding it’s time the Websters find out that Sophie is having doubts about the wedding.

Nick apologises to Eva, claiming he really likes her, but isn’t ready to live together yet. Eva accepts this and agrees to give the relationship another go.

Also, when Norris admits to Mary that he’s never been that good on the piano she vows to whip him into shape for his competition with Sylvia.