In the Woolie, Tracy gets another clear message she’s not welcome when Chas chucks a drink over her and bars her from the pub! Like lots of other people, Chas isn’t happy about Tracy being in a relationship with Andy, who’s still lost in grief over Katie. The barmaid is in a terrible mood. Though she’s actually desperately worried about Aaron, who’s maxing out on exercise, she snaps at her son, telling him she’s warned Robert to keep his distance.

Vanessa may be in the middle of a cancer scare, but she hasn’t seen hide nor hair of her boyfriend since he discovered a lump in her breast. The stressed-out vet is pleased when toyboy Kirin agrees to come to the doctors with her – but, true to form, fails to show…

Lisa’s got everything ready for Belle’s homecoming from hospital but the mum needn’t have bothered as Belle’s not interested in the least. Arriving home, Belle shuns the family and disappears up to her room.