Tracy is let out to go to Charlie’s funeral, surrounded by a clutch of armed guards, and is given the evil eye by Charlie’s mates. The service starts and Jason struggles to speak about a man he realises his barely knew. As the coffin slides away, Maria runs from the crematorium, blaming Tracy for his death. David comforts Maria, but misreads the signals and moves in for a kiss. Maria is horrified.

Steve is still besotted with Michelle and he asks her out on a date. But he is left lonely when Michelle reveals that she’s already got something planned with Sonny.

Chesney is still refusing to return to the Battersby house and Cilla and Les are missing him. Although Cilla refuses to let anyone see a chink in her emotional armour and she pretends she doesn’t care, saying she’s pleased with the break.

Also, Kelly’s convinced that Liam will soon be hers, but Joanne’s not so sure; and Carla is angry when Paul stands her up on their anniversary to attend a business meeting.