Indecent proposal! Tracy turns the tables on her blackmailer Phil who’s expecting sex

Tracy turns up at the hotel where Phil is waiting expecting sex not knowing David is about to arrive

Tracy feels sick as she arrives at the hotel where she’s agreed to meet Phil. He’s blackmailing her, using her secret past as a prostitute to get what he wants. First it was money and now it’s sex. But Phil’s plans come undone when Tracy shows she’s pretty shrewd and turns the tables on the nasty piece of work! As things in the hotel room are getting nasty, David arrives having tailed his wife after hearing her booking a hotel room…

At Dale View, Ross is faring no better than he was in hospital. No one knows how to handle him in the wake of the acid attack, and it’s Pete who bears the brunt of his brother’s frustrations.

On what would have been he and Robert’s first wedding anniversary, Aaron asks Alex to move into his place. Ouch.