Tracy is arrested!

Tracy wonders if Carla has gone to the police and tells a shocked Robert how Carla was about to commit suicide until she admitted that she caused the fire. In the Rovers, Alya spitefully tells Carla that she’s landed a job with Macnee’s and Underworld can wave goodbye to any more orders from them. Carla realises this is revenge for Kal’s death so she reveals it was actually Tracy who killed Kal and Maddie, as the police suddenly arrive to arrest Tracy on suspicion of murder.

With the Hodges due back from Canada, Anna’s looking forward to seeing Miley. But when Tim calls round and finds their house is empty and up for let, Anna phones Josie.  

Roy drops Fiz, Tyrone and Hope at the hospital for Hope’s biopsy test.

Leanne’s touched when Zeedan talks to Simon about his relationship with his own mum and how he now regrets some of the awful things he did. Eileen, Tony and Todd collect Jason from hospital.