Tracy is expecting twins!

Tracy insists on helping behind the bar, but as she struggles to deal with a demanding Becky she suffers increasing levels of sickness. Weak and dehydrated she finally collapses. Taking Marcus’s advice an alarmed Steve rushes her to hospital for a scan. Tracy’s full of self blame for not acting sooner. But when the sonographer looks for a heartbeat a worried Tracy and Steve get some shocking news – Tracy finds out she’s having twins.

As Sophie offloads to Amber about her frustrations at home Amber offers a night out to take her mind of it. She takes Sophie to a lesbian bar, seemingly on Sophie’s behalf, but when Sophie spots Amber kissing a girl she’s staggered.

Chris isn’t happy when it becomes clear that Lloyd and Cheryl have had a great night out with Russ. Desperate to put himself at the centre of their world he plans a night out of his own and it’s clear that Lloyd isn’t happy about it.

Also, when Rosie catches Eileen on a dating website she decides her profile and photo need a makeover! Eileen’s worried, but Rosie’s convinced it will do the trick.