Tracy is Gail’s new cellmate!

There’s good news for Tracy when her solicitor tells her Becky can’t adopt Amy without her approval. She then reveals she has some information the governor might be interested in…

The Barlows visit her with Amy and Tracy tells them no one will be taking her daughter away from her!

Gail‘s optimistic when she is told her case is being brought forward, but when she’s introduced to her new cellmate – Tracy – she wonders what’s going on. What IS Tracy up to?

Roy tells Hayley he thinks they should get married, but far from romantic, it’s to improve their worrying financial situation.

Elsewhere, Steve and Becky fill out their adoption forms and he’s alarmed by her ‘previous partners’, although she’s understandably more concerned about his prison past being a factor. And Jason angrily demands keys to his and Tina’s flat.

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