Tracy keeps Amy in the dark

Amy is oblivious that Tracy is hiding Rob in the cottage in Corrie

Amy’s unimpressed to find herself staying at a cottage in the Peak District. Sending her out to get some fresh air, Tracy assures a hiding Rob that she’ll explain all to Amy soon. Back in Weatherfield Adam assures Ken that he had nothing to do with the attack and Tracy is in the frame. Aware she’s gone on holiday with Amy, Ken’s worried Adam might be right. Meanwhile, Rob is spotted at the cottage by a neighbour…

Upset after her night with Neil, Bethany’s confused when Nathan kisses her and thanks her for looking after his mate. Bethany calls home, desperate to reach out to her mum, but she can’t find the right words. Meanwhile, Nathan’s furious with Mel for failing to prevent Bethany from visiting Sarah.

Rosie and Sophie call at Leah’s house, determined to get to the bottom of why Auntie Gina is trolling Sally.

Billy’s shocked when Todd admits that he doesn’t want a child, let alone somebody else’s and Billy will have to choose between them.