Tracy kisses David!

David keeps up his campaign of manipulation by telling Tracy that he’s still making his mind up about whether to testify for her in court. Meanwhile, the Barlows head to court and are dumbstruck when they’re told that they won’t be entitled to legal aid and may have to stump up as much as £150,000 to pay for Tracy’s court case.

Later, Tracy realises she must get David back on side and arranges to meet him. David is chuffed when she offers him wine, a kiss and a lot more if he agrees to go to court! David leaves with a grin on his face but Tracy feels disgusted.

Elsewhere, Hayley is still determined to get in contact with Becky to make amends and she manages to track the factory girl down to a grubby hostel. Hayley pleads with Becky to accept her apology and she offers her a job back at Roy’s Rolls.

Also, Steve continues to play games by dating Tracy but this new ‘relationship’ is starting to weary him. He’s pleased when Sean, Lloyd and Jamie agree to go on a lads’ night out.