*First Episode*
Gail is stunned by David’s revelation and realises she needs a word alone with him when Sarah reminds her that he could be up to his old tricks. Gail reminds David that he’ll have to answer questions in a court of law, but David refuses to go back on his lie. Gail reluctantly takes David to the police station to make a statement and he explains what he’s ‘seen’.

Kelly is determined not to be put off by Liam’s uninterested reaction to her flirting the previous evening. But when Liam catches Joanne alone in the factory it’s soon clear who he is really interested in when he moves in for a kiss. Joanne conveniently forgets she’s dating Adam and she doesn’t attempt to resist.

Les is still determined to win round Chesney and he invites him to the Battersbys’ for lunch. But when Chesney arrives he walks in on Les and Cilla arguing. Chesney’s upset that he seems to be the cause of another row and he slopes off back to school.

Also, Tracy is granted bail; Roy unearths some old comics that may be valuable.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tracy is out on bail and in a panic about David’s revelation and she’s determined to find out exactly what he saw. Tracy ignores her family’s warning not to talk to a potential witness and heads over to see him. David, meanwhile, has told the police that Charlie attacked him twice, and they are more inclined to believe his statement. Tracy gets hold of David and demands to know what he’s seen and she soon realises he’s lying. But it doesn’t take long for her to work out that she could use David to her advantage.

Jason unexpectedly comes into some work when a young woman called Jodie Morton (Samantha Seager) arrives on the Street with her Granddad. Jodie had paid Charlie to renovate the empty bakery for her new business and is shocked to discover that Charlie has died. Jason assures Jodie that he can manage the job himself, even when Jodie warns him that she expects some serious progress on the refit by the end of the week.

Joanne is unsure about getting too involved with Liam but she finds his charm too difficult to resist. Liam makes it clear that he’s up for a good time with her and she doesn’t turn him down.

Also, Roy is gutted when he realises that Becky has taken his comic collection to a car boot sale!