Tracy tells an unimpressed Robert she went to the Bistro hoping to surprise him, but finding Carla alone, she quickly crept out again. At the hospital Leanne voices her suspicions to Nick about the fact both Carla and Tracy were in the bistro on the night of the robbery.

Meanwhile, Tracy reveals to Todd how Robert and Carla had a one night stand and she intends to make Carla pay!

Nick explains that Roy has to catch a train to Hastings to look after his mother and Carla insists Johnny drives him to the station.

Rita’s thrilled when she receives her first online friend request from an old pal. Sally decides to stand as an Independent, forcing Ken to be her campaign manager and Sophie to spearhead all things social media.

Anna tells Kevin about Phelan, but she’s taken aback when Kevin insists Phelan’s already told him about his involvement with her and Owen.