Tracy misses Amy’s concert to visit Rob

As Rob asks whether Tracy still loves him, she suddenly remembers Amy’s concert and flees. She lets herself into No 1 and when Robert demands to know where she’s been, Tracy feeds him a pack of lies. Tracy then phones Rob and assures him she loves him and will be waiting for him when he gets out.

Later, Rob phones Robert, telling him he’s sending him a visiting order as he’s got some information about Tracy.

Aidan and Kate put up a table-tennis table in the factory and explain how they’ve agreed that Underworld will take part in a tournament with O’Driscolls.

Kevin has a date with Joanne who talks too much and Anna has a date with Glen, who’s still in love with his ex-wife.

Fiz tells Tyrone how Hope is on a drip and she might not be home for Christmas. The atmosphere is frosty with Kylie and David asks Eva if she’d like to meet up for a drink as he’s now single. Michelle breaks the news to Amy that Steve won’t be home for Christmas. Zeedan starts work at the Bistro.