Tracy puts Rob’s freedom at risk

As Rob goes to pick up stock for the shop an old friend of his calls in on Tracy offering a load of cheap tablet computers. Falling for his spiel Tracy buys the stock, but when Rob comes back and hears who she dealt with he panics. It’s likely the tablets are stolen and he’s due to meet his parole officer.
Nick’s further riled when he gets a letter saying he’ll have to go to court about his under-strength spirits. But it’s Leanne who gets more of a shock when she receives a letter asking if she knows where her husband was and who he was with on Christmas night! Troubled Leanne asks Nick for answers, wondering if something he did on Christmas night is behind the vendetta, but terrified Nick still doesn’t confess all.
Mandy’s hoping that Jenna and Sophie’s row over the racism complaint will cause them to split. But after a few words of wisdom from Lloyd, Jenna accepts Sophie’s apology.
Also, Izzy frets about Gary’s bond with Jake as he returns to work; Hayley agrees to a holiday.