Tracy reveals her attacker!

Ken, Deirdre and Amy visit Tracy in hospital as she wakes up. The police arrive at Tracy’s bedside and she confirms she has a clear memory of New Year’s Eve. It’s time she points the finger at her attacker.

Rosie and Sophie are outraged as Kevin rows with Sally, accusing her of sleeping with Tyrone as an act of revenge. Enjoying Kevin’s tantrum, Sally retorts that she no longer has to answer to him. Tearing across the street Kevin lays into Tyrone. Sally feels guilty for letting Tyrone take a beating and so she admits to the girls that they went no further than kissing, but she enjoyed winding Kevin up. Her plan backfires though when an incensed Kevin takes matters into his own hands and severs all ties with her.

Owen tells Izzy that he had to sack Gary as he was out of control. He urges her to stay away from him, in case he turns on her next time. But as Gary admits to Izzy that being trapped in the van brought back vivid memories of Afghanistan she feels sorry for him.

Also, John pays Joy a visit, helping her with chores, but he’s beset with remorse as she gets teary remembering Colin as a child.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Becky swears to Steve that she didn’t attack Tracy, and he believes her as she calmly lets the police take her away. Becky assures the police that Tracy’s lying, but she’s perturbed when their line of questioning turns to Max and Amy. Meanwhile, Ken asks Tracy if she’s telling the truth about Becky attacking her. Deirdre and Tracy are outraged by his lack of faith, but Ken’s doubts remain.

The Webster family is blown to smithereens and Sally’s shocked as Kevin makes it clear he’s prepared to fight dirty in order to be able to provide for Jack. But when Sally admits she never slept with Tyrone Kevin’s taken aback. He hints that they could start again as a family, but Sally isn’t sure it’s what she really wants…

John tells Joy he has an old mobile number for Colin, from which Colin still retrieves messages. John gives her his own number so she can leave a message for her son. It’s clear he can’t cope with the guilt.

Also, Eddie believes Gary’s suffering flashbacks, but he denies it and Anna begs him to confide in her; Claudia asks Audrey to consider selling her the hairdressers and while at Claudia’s salon Audrey meets charming widower Marc.

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