Tracy runs out of friends

Tracy is angry after Deirdre’s poor performance in the witness box and Deirdre feels terrible for letting down her daughter. Ken is doing his best to support a miserable Deirdre, but he insists that Tracy has sunk to a new low and he won’t let Tracy pull Deirdre down with her. Tracy is terrified that her number’s up and she seeks out Steve for some comfort. But Tracy realises that she’s burnt all her bridges and she’ll have to leave Weatherfield even if she walks free from the trial

Claire organises a day with Casey and the kids while Ashley goes out to play football. But Claire is forced to dash to A&E when Josh cuts himself, leaving Casey looking after Freddie. Josh’s wound turns out to be fairly minor and after having it dressed, Claire returns home but she’s stunned to discover that both Casey and Freddie are missing. Claire is terrified that Casey may have run off with Freddie and she calls the police. Casey returns with a perfectly safe Freddie and is hurt at her friend’s lack of trust.

Also, Dev seems to be going through a bit of a mid-life crisis and is spending a fortune on new togs for golf. Amber and Molly waste no time in teasing Dev, especially when he loses a game of virtual golf!