Tracy sets out to seduce Ryan (VIDEO)

Michelle’s delighted when Steve secures Ryan a job at Dev’s kebab shop. The job had originally been offered to Tracy who turned it down in disgust. When she sees Ryan working in her place, however, a plan hatches and she goes back to see Dev. Later Ryan’s surprised when Tracy arrives at the kebab shop announcing that she’s his new assistant. But it’s clear she has other motives.

Tommy’s pushing for extra shifts to pay off his debt to Tyrone. It’s clear that working so hard is taking its toll. Kirsty meanwhile reminds Ty it’s pay day for Tommy and she’ll deal with it and goes round to see Tommy demanding the dosh. Later, Tina takes the money to Kirsty and insists that she deals with her in future. Furious that Kirsty keeps berating Tommy for losing Tyrone’s money, Tina begins to bite back.

Eileen’s doing her best to make sure Paul doesn’t clock the missing vase. Online, she finds a shop with one in stock. Later, the new vase in place, Paul starts to tell Eileen a funny story about it when he notices a crack in the vase has repaired itself.

Also, Karl tells Sunita he has a few hours work driving cabs.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

When Kirsty hears of Julie’s plans to move she slyly mentions the fact that Jason’s selling the flat. Later, Tina’s anxious that she’s about to become homeless. She asks Julie how she found out the flat was for sale. When she finds out it was Kirsty, Tina’s baying for blood. Later Kirsty’s mischief continues when she orders a pizza. Tommy rocks up to deliver it, but she claims it’s the wrong order. After replacing it he misses his bus to the security job so he takes the pizza van instead. But as he sets off, dead on his legs, his fatigue is about to place him in major peril.

Michelle and Steve are taken aback to discover who Ryan’s new workmate is. Later Tracy invites herself to the flat knowing Michelle and Steve are out. As she cranks up her seduction, Ryan slowly succumbs to her charms.

Eileen admits that she thought Sean had caused the crack, so she replaced the vase. Paul laughs. He always hated the vase. Later Paul feels terrible that he’s made Eileen feel uncomfortable in her own home. Eileen insists that it’s his house too now. It’s high time to make it their own.

Also, Karl begs Stella to take him back again.