Tracy shatters Liz’s world

The Rovers is a hive of activity as the final preparations are made for Steve and Michelle’s wedding. But Tracy is watching from No 1 and she’s hell bent on revenge. She corners Liz in the Rovers’ yard and admits she’s been having an affair with Tony and they’ve been plotting to oust her from the pub. Liz is devastated and tells Carla about Tony and Tracy’s affair. As Michelle readies to leave, Carla approaches Tracy, telling her she knows what she’s done and warns her to stay away from the wedding. But Tracy isn’t finished yet and slips behind the bar, stealing the keys to Carla’s flat from Michelle’s handbag.

When Kevin tells Jenny that he’s enrolled Jack for nursery so she can reduce her hours, Jenny’s gutted and feigning a migraine, heads home, leaving Kevin to attend the wedding alone. Jenny then makes a secret phone call and confirms that she and Jack will be moving to Hull that evening!

Kal announces his plans to propose to Leanne. But while Alya, Sharif and Yasmeen are delighted for him, Zeedan struggles to accept the news.