Tracy starts to doubt if Gail will crack

Tracy feigns surprise at becoming Gail‘s new cellmate, but quickly starts prodding her for details about what happened on the boat. Gail clams up UNTIL Tracy empathises with her about missing her family. Just as Gail’s about to reveal all about the fateful night, a guard announces Tracy has visitors…

She tells detectives Glynn and Carr that she was so close to getting a confession from Gail and maintains it won’t be long till she cracks.

Janice finds hundreds of pounds of Trev’s and confides in Leanne that he might be dealing drugs, so she resolves to ask him for the truth.

Elsewhere, Teresa is worried Lloyd‘s going lukewarm on her when he picks up Cheryl and Teresa spots them looking cosy. Tina agrees to take a short walk with Graeme.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tracy continues her campaign to extract a confession from Gail, but she keeps clamming up – and when she tells Tracy how much she loved Joe, Tracy starts to worry about how long it will take for her to crack.

Meanwhile, at Blanche’s will reading, Ken ends up with Eccles, Deirdre gets a few trinkets, Simon gets her husband’s belongings and, shockingly, Tracy the rest of her estate (about 15,000 pounds).

Liz helps Teresa to see the light when she and Lloyd bump into Cheryl in the Rovers. The attraction is plain for all to see. So later, Teresa steels herself and tells Lloyd they’ve run their course. He does nothing to deny it.

Elsewhere, Roy and Hayley clash over his lack of romance; Tina panics and runs back to the flat when she’s out with Graeme; and Janice says she’ll keep quiet about Trev’s plans.

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