Tracy stuns Robert with her announcement

At the flower shop, Tracy tells Beth she thinks she might be pregnant and is thrilled at the prospect. Later, she heads to the bistro to share her news with Robert but is furious to find him talking to Carla. Dragging Robert through to the kitchen, Tracy rages at him for all the attention he lavishes on Carla and shouts that she knows he slept with her!

Michelle tells Will that she’s enjoyed his company a bit too much and suggests he should find another wedding planner as it’s best they don’t see each other again. Will he agree?

As Kate helps Sophie wash the cars at the garage, she admits Caz wasn’t happy that Sophie saw her wedding dress. 

Andy tells Steph he plans to visit Michael in Brighton. Sally and Yasmeen become neighbours at war as Sally orders Tim and Craig to knock down the garden fence. Incensed, Yasmeen plans to sabotage their efforts.

Liz takes Amy to music club at the community centre where a chap called Chris takes a shine to her.