Tracy suspects Amy attacked Ken

Tracy doesn’t trust Amy – but what will she find when she searches her room?

Tracy’s troubled when Amy says she hates Ken as he refused to lend Tracy the money to buy the florists. Adam tells the police he was in No.1 on the night of Ken’s assault as he called to collect some money Amy had left for him. The police follow this up with Amy, but she denies all knowledge. Sure she’s lying, Tracy searches Amy’s bedroom, but what will she find?

As Nathan’s mates gather in his flat for a party, Neil watches Bethany admiringly. Sarah and Gary call downstairs at the tanning salon and order Bethany to come home…

Peter tells Toyah they should put the IVF on hold until he’s cleared his name over Ken’s attack.

Dev and Aidan go head to head recruiting opposing teams for the pub quiz. Billy’s ex Drew pays him a visit with Billy’s goddaughter, what does he want?