Tracy takes on the Connors

Carla tells Johnny that Tracy’s threatening to tell Nick about her night with Robert if they don’t move away. Johnny assures Carla that if Tracy tries to ruin her wedding, there’ll be hell to pay. Carla suggests to Nick they could start a family in Devon, leaving him torn. At Roy’s suggestion, Carla asks Johnny if he’d like to give her away at the wedding.  Johnny accepts, touched, and later threatens Tracy outside No 1.

Anna’s horrified when Izzy explains she’s been charged with possession of cannabis and assaulting a police officer. Anna’s horrified. When Anna tells Izzy she can’t believe she’s been so stupid, Izzy hits back. Anna, Gary and Kevin are stunned while Izzy regrets her harsh words. Gary sees Izzy home and suggests that he moves in with her so that he can help out with Jake.

Jenny flirts with Johnny, but when he tries to kiss her she pulls back pretending to be shocked. Johnny’s mortified while Jenny’s quietly pleased.

Zeedan realises Yasmeen is trying to keep herself busy to blot out Kal’s death and asks Leanne to talk to her.