Tracy is not best pleased to see David in the street as she realises that the arrogant teenager has got her right where he wants her. Tracy spends the morning playing the grieving widow, but her mask soon slips when she pays David a visit. Tracy tries to bribe David by offering to buy him a car radio, and a devious David says that he’s not finished with her yet.

A furious Tracy goes to the Rovers to drown her sorrows and shocks Ken and Deirdre when she announces she’s fed up playing the victim and heads off for a night out!

Roy and Hayley are delighted with their new car and equally pleased to note that Becky seems to have changed her criminal ways. The couple discuss giving Becky the remaining money from the comics sale, but little do they realise that Becky isn’t quite the reformed character they think. Becky meets up with Slug in the Rovers and the pair get drunk. Slug convinces Becky to borrow the Croppers’ new car to inject some excitement into the evening.

Joanne’s relationship with Adam starts to suffer as her affair with Liam hots up. Joanne is clearly smitten with her illicit lover and when he offers her some after hours fun in the factory, Joanne can’t resist. But it’s clear that Joanne is expecting more from their ‘relationship’ than Liam is willing to give.

Also, Jason promises Sarah a slap-up meal for her birthday; Chesney can’t get used to Fiz’s mothering approach after being used to Cilla!