Tracy wakes up to her 30th birthday in a prison cell and her family try to cheer her up with birthday cards. But Tracy is unmoved by their efforts and instead concentrates on the visit from her new solicitor, Jayne. When Tracy turns on the tears and begs to go to Charlie’s funeral, Jayne promises to try to get her bail.

Jason makes plans for Charlie’s funeral, with the costs being covered by Charlie’s estate. Maria continues to struggle with her mixed feelings over Charlie’s death and a sly David uses her distress to worm his way into her affections. Maria is grateful when David suggests that he go to the funeral with her to give her some support.

Cilla is still angry about Chesney’s disappearance and blames Fiz for brainwashing him against her. Meanwhile, Cilla returns to work at the chippie and has to face her cheating friend Yana, but after giving her a slap, Cilla claims that she’s prepared to make up!

Also, Norris tries to get Rita interested in the Classmates Reunited site, and she wonders whether to get in contact with her old dance troupe.