Tracy wants Amy, no matter what!

Amy’s still can’t settle down after being uprooted from her home. Tracy pretends to act oblivious, making it clear that she’s pleased to have got her own way. But in reality she is struggling to win her love, while telling everyone that she’ll eventually come round. But when Becky finds Amy in the backyard of No 1, Amy tells her she wants to come home. Tracy panics when she can’t find Amy and alerts Steve, who already knows where she is.

Old rivalries are put on hold as sworn enemies work together in the wake of the tram crash. Everything seems to be going well but one person has a hidden agenda.

It’s all-out war in one household and as relations sour further, arguments descend into childish squabbles.

Also, one mother comes home from the hospital without her child.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve is worried about Becky’s effect on Amy, he decides to send Becky away so that he and Tracy can try and coax her out of the back room. But Becky’s racked with jealousy as Steve and Tracy begin to thaw to one another and losing patience she talks Amy out herself. Becky’s insistent that Amy should stay at the Rovers, but Tracy is determined to take her back to No 1. Steve knows he must choose a side. Later, Tracy tries to drive a wedge between the couple and gleefully tells Becky that this will be her last Christmas as Mrs McDonald. She intends to split them up.

Tracy clashes with more then just Becky as she sets her sights on a new home and a new man.

Battle lines are drawn in one household, and as the petty rowing continues another family breaks down.

Also, Dr Carter gets a visit from one resident who’s struggling to sleep following the horrors of December 6.

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