Tracy is stunned when she learns that Deirdre has decided not to take the stand, but even more appalled when Ken urges her to confess to the murder. Tracy refuses point blank and tries to bully Deirdre into helping her. However, it’s time for Tracy to face the jury and she gives a prize-winning performance, crying as she recalls her version of events on the fateful night, while Ken watches on disapprovingly. Tracy gets a rough time on the stand and she’s even more disturbed when Claire is called to give evidence and her state of mind at the time of the events is called into question. A now seriously worried Tracy confronts Deirdre again in a bid to get her to testify.

Janice is still on Leanne’s case about her escorting and demands a schedule of the day’s clients. Leanne causes a stir with the factory girls when she walks in with a very expensive new bag. Leanne leaves the bag at the factory and Janice decides to interrupt her next appointment to return it. Leanne is furious when she loses the client after a disapproving Janice puts him off!

Jerry helps Kayleigh move back in with Teresa but he’s still hoping that she’ll reconsider. When Jerry drops Kayleigh off with Teresa, it’s clear that there’s still a lot of tension between the two. Teresa seems less than chuffed to have her daughter back and demands money from Jerry, insisting that she can’t afford to look after her without extra cash.

Also, Carla and the Connor brothers are having staffing problems at the factory, but Liam is reluctant to take on more foreign staff.